Message from Chairman

Nepal, the land of the world’s highest peak mount Everest, has remained one of the richest countries in teams of bio diversity due to its unique geographical features and variation. that is not all. Besides, all the incredible variety of Eco-systems and the splendid natural resources like green forest, lakes, water falls snow-clad mountains, diverse flora and fauna etc Nepal is a home to variant of cuisines.

with over a 25 million people comprising of different races and ethnic groups, Nepal has a diverse culture, language and dialect. and most significantly, Nepal has a wide range of cuisine. to be specific, every community has its own specialty in food items.

Gambeshi Dohori Naach Ghar pvt. Ltd. is such a place where you get the utmost satisfaction. visit once and you like to visit again


Mr.Arjun Sherchan

What is Gambeshi Dohori Naach Ghar Pvt. Ltd.?